Friday, February 11, 2005


Translation 13

As his genuine accomplishments were embellished, a personality cult started to develop around him.

در حالي كه محاسن واقعي او آب و تاب داده مي شد، شخصيت پرستي در اطراف او شروع به رشد كرد

1.“Accomplishment” here means virtue.
2.“Embellish” means to add exaggerated detail to a story.
3.“personality cult” means to beatify or worship a person.

در اينجا به معني فضيلت است
به معني آب و تاب دادن، چيزي را بزرگ كردن و مبالغه است
personality cult
يعني شخصيت پرستي يا تقديس شخصيت

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