Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Translation 14

Each opposition was jealous of the other and worked hard not only to bloody the Soviets’ nose, but also to discredit his rivals.

هر گروه مخالفي نسبت به ساير گروهها رشك مي ورزيد و نه تنها تلاش مي كرد كه پوز شوروي را بزند بلكه سعي مي كرد رقباي خود را نيز بي اعتبار كند

“Not only…but also” is a paired conjunction. It means that they are always used with each other as opposed to the coordinate conjunction which is used alone like “or”, “and” etc.

Not only…but also
از واژه هاي عطف دوتايي است كه هميشه با هم بكار مي روند در مقابل عطف همپايه كه به تنهايي بكار مي رود مانند
or، and
و غيره

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