Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Translation 15

From all over the world he sourced and hired experts on guerrilla warfare, sabotage and covert operations in order to train his men properly.

از سرتاسر جهان او متخصصان جنگ افزار شورشي، خرابكاري و عمليات محرمانه را ليست و استخدام نمود به اين منظور كه افراد خود را درست آموزش دهد

“In order to” or “in order that” means in the purpose of, the same as “so as to” which is more formal.

In order to يا in order that
يعني به اين منظوركه يا بخاطر اينكه
so as to :مترادف
كه رسمي تر است

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