Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Translation 18

Only occasionally did he relent from his tireless travelling.

فقط گاهگاهي او از مسافرت خستگي ناپذيرش آرام مي نشست

In English the verb follows the subject. However, there are some exceptions such as question forms. Also, after negative expressions the subject and the verb are converted, for example: “never did he go there” instead of “he never went there”. Since “only” is a kind of negative expression, the subject and the verb are converted in the sentence above.

در زبان انگليسي فعل هميشه پس از فاعل مي آيد. ولي استثنائاتي نيز وجود دارد مانند حالت پرسشي. پس از حروف يا كلمات منفي نيز جاي فعل و فاعل عوض مي شود مانند اينكه بجاي
he never went there
حرف نفي را در اول جمله قرار داده و ميگوييم
Never did he go there
نيز چون مفهوم نفي دارد، در جمله فوق جاي فعل و فاعل عوض شده است

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