Wednesday, May 04, 2005


New Words In English (1)

از اين پس در اين وبلاگ بخشي به عنوان معرفي واژه هاي جديدي كه وارد زبان انگليسي ميشوند، خواهيم داشت
Freegan (N)
a person who consumes food that has been thrown away, especially someone who wants to protect the environment by reducing waste
اين واژه داراي 2 معناست
كسي كه غذاي ته مانده را ميخورد
كسي كه براي حفظ محيط زيست زباله كمي توليد ميكند
Googlewhacking (N,U)
the practice of trying to find combinations of two or more words that will produce exactly one single result when submitted as a query to the Google™ search engine
ارايه دو يا چند اژه به گوگل كه دقيقا يك نتيجه در سرچ خواهد داشت
Potscaping (N,U)
Potscape (N,C)
the artistic arrangement of flowers and shrubs planted in pots and other containers
چيدن گلها و بوته ها در ظرف يا گلدان به طور هنرمندانه
Bissextile (Adj-N,C)
Bissext (N)
Bissextus (N)
leap year
سال كبيسه
Bird flu (N,U)
a contagious viral disease originating in birds, especially poultry, with serious symptoms similar to those of flu or pneumonia
بيماري آنفلونزاي مرغي
Britcom (N,C)
a series of television comedy programmes which are produced in Great Britain and have a distinct style of humour
سريالهاي كمدي توليد انگلستان كه سبك خاصي دارند
مقايسه شود

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