Thursday, August 18, 2005


New Words (3)

Ambush Marketin
a marketing strategy in which a competing brand connects itself with a major sporting event without paying sponsorship fees
نوعی بازاریابی که کالا را به رویدادی ورزشی نسبت می دهند بی آنکه هزینه اسپانسر را پرداخت کنند
ICE number
noun [C] /ais namber/
In Case of Emergency number: an emergency contact number stored in the address book of a mobile phone
شماره تلفنهای اضطراری
noun [U] /info'meynie/
a condition of reduced concentration caused by continually responding to electronic communications such as e-mail, text-messaging etc.
از دست دادن تمرکز به خاطرزیاد خواندن متنهای الکترونیکی مانند ایمیل
verb [I/T] /'gugal pleks/
to increase by an unimaginably large number
انبوه شدن
a day which is exactly six months before or six months after the actual day a person was born
شش ماه پیش یا پس از روز تولد شخص
یاسر پوراسماعیل

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