Thursday, August 18, 2005


New Words (4)

the period of a person’s life during which they are generally healthy and free from serious or chronic illness
دوره ای از عمر که شخص سرحال و سالم است
noun [C] Australian
a person who makes a significant change in lifestyle by moving to the seaside or country
شخصی که با مهاجرت به ساحل یا روستا شیوه زندگی خود را تغییر می دهد
noun [C]
a tent containing urinals (open toilets which are usually fixed to a wall), designed specifically for use by women at open-air events
چادری که دارای توالت باز چسبیده به دیوار است
gripe site
noun [C]
a website aimed at making consumers more aware of deficient goods and services
وب سایتی که مصرف کنندگان را نسبت به کالاها و خدمات نا کار آمد آگاه می کند

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